Frequently Asked Questions

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On this page you will find answers to some of most frequently asked questions about computing at Fine Hall.


Read e-mail

You can read your e-mail in one of the following ways:

  • login via ssh to or and use pine, mutt or other terminal based E-mail clients
  • use Math Dept. WebMail
  • configure your e-mail client (like Thunderbird, Mozilla, Outlook and others) to access your e-mail via IMAP by following instructions in HowTos section about E-mail configuration

Forward e-mail from Princeton to your math account

Forward e-mail from your math account

To forward all of your math e-mail to another account, e.g. if you are leaving Princeton, create in your home directory .forward file and place in it the e-mail where your email will be forwarded.

Vacation messages

Printing in Fine Hall

Remote connections

Computational Resources

What Computational clusters are available