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Here you will find instructions on how to do some of the more common computing tasks.


We used to rely on our own unsigned SSL certificates for Math web servers and e-mail but as of recently we have replaced them with ipsCA's signed certificates. ipsCA is generously providing high quality free SSL certificates to educational institutions.

All recent browsers and e-mail clients have appropriate root certificate that can be used to verify identity of our servers. Therefore no additional importing of certificates should be required. If you encounter any problems with our SSL certificates please let us know (like if your browser or e-mail client cannot recognize or verify our SSL certificate).

Connect to Math/PACM systems remotely

There are a number of different ways to access Math/PACM systems and services - login servers, computational machines, E-mail, files on file server and others. Here are some of these ways:

For E-mail reading/access only please read below.

E-mail access and configuration

File restore/undelete/backup/snapshots