HowTos:Certificate importing for Windows

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Windows has a certificate database that contains all certificates Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express recognize. If you are presented with unknown certificate message when accessing Mathematics Department resources - like the Math webmail in IE, or e-mail in Outlook or Outlook Epress - you will need to import Math certificate in the following way.

Click on this link (math certificate) in Internet Explorer. If you are presented with a "File Download Security Warning" or a similar prompt:

IE Certificate open.jpg

Please make sure you select "Open" if such a dialog appears. Your computer will then open up the Math certificate and offer you an opportunity to install it on your machine:

IE Certificate import.jpg

At this point please click on "Install Certificate" button. This will start the "Certificate Import Wizard":

IE Certificate wizard.jpg

where you have to click on "Next" button in order to proceed to step 2:

IE Certificate wizard2.jpg

In the above window accept the default selection ("Automatically select the certificate store ..." as selected above) and proceed by clicking on "Next" to arrive at the end of the wizard:

IE Certificate wizard3.jpg

where please click on "Finish". Finally you will be asked another time to confirm the certificate addition:

IE Certificate wizard4.jpg

and the last click on "Yes" will import the certificate and you'll be greeted (hopefully) with a message indicating success:

IE Certificate wizard5.jpg

After you have imported Math certificate IE and Outlook should stop complaining when you access Math webmail or Math imap.