HowTos:E-mail configuration for Thunderbird on Math Linux machines

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Here you will find instructions on how to setup Thunderbird to read your Math e-mail on Fine Hall Linux desktops. If you are trying to configure Thunderbird on any other machine, e.g. on a Windows machine or a Linux machine that is not part of Fine Hall Linux network, then please refer to these instructions ....

1. Run Thunderbird

You can find Thunderbird in one of the two following places:

Thunderbird icon.jpg

in the top panel of a typical Fine Hall Linux
Gnome desktop (here circled in red),

or Thunderbird menu.jpg

in the Applications menu, under Internet.

2. Run wizard if not running already

If this is the first time you are running Thunderbird you will be presented with the Account Wizard, as displayed in step 3. If you are not presented with the wizard then please select in "File" menu "New"->"Account":

Thunderbird manual step1.jpg

3. Wizard: choose type of account

Among the options in the Account Wizard you will find "PU Mathematics Dept. E-mail", select it and click on "Next" to continue:

Thunderbird wizard step1.jpg

4. Wizard: enter/verify name and username

In the next step you will be asked to verify your (first and last) name and username. Your name will be used when sending E-mails and your username will be used to connect to the E-mail server. Thunderbird will try to guess this information by using the username you used to log in to the Desktop. If there are errors in either the name or username please correct them before proceeding and clicking on "Next" button. Sample setup follows:

Thunderbird wizard step2.jpg

5. Wizard: verify information

In the last step you will be asked to verify the information you entered before exiting the Account Wizard and finishing the setup:

Thunderbird wizard step3.jpg

6. Certificate prompt

At this point Thunderbird will attempt to connect to the E-mail server. If this is the first time it is doing that you will be presented with a prompt asking you to accept the encryption certificate. Please select the option "Accept this certificate permanently", as shown below:

Thunderbird wizard step4.jpg

7. Password prompt

Finally, you will be asked for your password and at this point you can choose to have Thunderbird remember your password so that you do not have to retype it on future uses of this program. A similar prompt will appear when you attempt to send E-mail. Again, you will be able to choose wether you want Thunderbird to remember your password for future use.

Thunderbird wizard step5.jpg

8. Enjoy using Thunderbird

That's it folks!