HowTos:Restore files from backups

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If a file that you are trying to restore is older than 4 days (e.g. it was overwritten 5 days ago, or maybe deleted 7 days ago) then you will not be able to restore the file from snapshots but it might be in the backup.

Math/PACM file server is backed up to the University TSM backup servers once a day. Unlike snapshots the TSM backup server will hold a copy of a deleted file for up to approximately 3 months and will also hold up to 3 revisions of a file for 3 months. This backup is not user accessible but we can easily try to retrieve files for you.

If you need to restore a file that is not anymore in snapshots contact us at for help. Please include all the relevant information and try to be as specific as circumstances allow. Include:

  1. the file name
  2. the directory where the file was/is located
  3. approximately time of deletion or change
  4. any other information that might help us locate the file and the precise version that you are looking for

We will attempt the recovery and then inform you if we have been able to retrieve your file(s).